vrijdag 9 november 2012

Don skiing--- a Chrismas chocolatecard

Hi Ladies ,

i hope you have a nice day ,but cloudy ,wet and cold weather is the right time to craft!
Today i show you a winter scene with Don ,inside you hide a chocolate ,a nice gift for good friends!
Inside you could hide a square chocolate or delicious chocolatebars as your choice.
Tutorial :
For the card take a 14,5x30,5cm piece of cardstock ,rill it at 14,5 and 16,0cm ,
for  inside you need a 17,0x10,5cm ,rill it at 1,5cm , 3,0cm, 14,0cm, 15,5cm.
Then for the bottom , rill it only at1,5cm, 3,0cm. Fold it and glue it after the decorating of the front ,on the background. For to decorate the card you ned 4x14,0 light blue paper,designpaper 4x 13,5cm,1x11,0cm white paper .For the fronpage a second layer from 12,0x12,0cm and a border -red paper 13,5 x2,5cm ,designpaper 13,2x2,2cm .
The chocolate box  ,red paper10,5 x7,0cm,designpaper 10,0x6,5cm.

I hope you have a lot of fun....

My recipe:
1x 30,5x30,5 white cardstock.
2xA4 red paper ,3xDesignpaper red and blue from Skandinavian Winter
1x DP iceblue.

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Vintage Lace  "Blue",Linset Dutch JUo841

 I send to you all  friendly greetings!


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